Join us for CSR and ESG Workshops for the Pro NGO Foundation in Krakow!

I am delighted to invite you to our special workshops on CSR and ESG, which will take place this Thursday, March 14, 2024, at the Mercure Hotel in Krakow, located at 18/B Pawia Street.

The workshops are organized for the Pro NGO Foundation but are open to all interested in the topics of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

We will focus on three key topics:

  1. Technology in Social Actions: Integrating technology with social initiatives opens up new possibilities and perspectives. During the workshops, we will analyze how to leverage modern technological solutions to effectively support CSR projects and achieve ESG goals.
  2. Technological Solutions Supporting ESG Organizational Goals: In today’s technological world, there are numerous tools and platforms that can assist companies in achieving sustainable development objectives. We aim to explore these solutions further during the workshops and discuss how they can specifically support organizations in implementing ESG strategies.
  3. ESG and Project Management: Given the increasing importance of sustainable development issues, project management becomes a crucial element of organizational effectiveness. During the workshops, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating ESG aspects into project management processes.

Whether you are a representative of a company or simply an individual interested in sustainable development, these workshops are for you! It’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, meet interesting people, and get inspired to take action.

To participate, simply register through the registration form available at the bottom of the page:

Warsztaty CSR i ESG®

See you in Krakow!

Anna Jankowiak

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