In November 2023 🍂📆, the first banking institutions approved 🌐 agreements for access to information collected on the BIK ESG Platform.

Since the launch of the project in September 2023, 17 organizations from the finance sector have been involved in the development of the platform.

Now banks are able to use the database extracted from publicly available reports for 2022, covering more than 165 entities subjected to qualitative analysis.

The platform is intended to support financial institutions in meeting sustainable finance reporting requirements by providing the necessary data for Green Asset Ratio (GAR) calculations. 📈🌿

A 🌍 community of banks is taking shape around the Platform, acting as both beneficiaries and participants in the market-established standard for reporting indicators in the area of sustainable finance.

In the next stages of development, BIK’s ESG will also serve companies by streamlining the process of applying for financing through uniform ESG data filing.

This eliminates the need to repeatedly fill in information at different banks according to different standards.

Educational activities for companies on interpreting the criteria and collecting data are also planned. In addition, the Platform will be developed with ESG analytical tools. 🌐💼

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