🌐 CBAM – Border Carbon Tax: New Challenges for Importers

Dear Importers! 🚢📦 Today we want to draw your attention to a key date related to CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism), or border carbon tax.
January 31 – the last deadline for filing the first report 🌿🌍

📊 Yesterday we helped solve an access problem for one company and looked at their data together. If you too have doubts, need support – schedule an hourly consultation.

🗓 Since February 1, we can work together too – the report can be modified until the end of July!🤝

The ESG Assured team is ready to support the CBAM reporting process, CBAM education and ongoing subscription support for your organization, both in Polish and English. We have the experience and expertise. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our support.

Make an appointment for a consultation: info@esgassured.com.

Visit our free ESG ASURRED mobile app to learn more about CBAM and other ESG issues!

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