Today, May 8, we celebrate the Day of Libraries and Librarians! 📚📖🎉

It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only the libraries themselves but also those who make them magical places – our dear librarians.

“Each book lives as many times as it is read.”

Libraries are repositories of knowledge, places where everyone can find something for themselves: from classic novels to the latest bestsellers, from textbooks to fairy tales for children. They are places that promote reading, culture, and learning, inspiring and broadening the horizons of all visitors.

Libraries also make a significant contribution to ecology and the zero waste idea. Yes! Thanks to them, we don’t have to buy more books every time, thus producing even more. This way, we save resources used in book or textbook production. Books in the library can be used by 2 or even 3 generations until they are simply worn out due to use. In addition to providing us with books, libraries gladly accept our books that we have bought but no longer want to use. They use them as their own resources or organize corners and bookcrossing events where everyone can adopt or donate a book for free.

Equally important are those who work in this magical place – librarians. They are not only guardians of books but also guides in the world of literature and knowledge. Always ready to help, advise on choosing the right reading, or find the necessary information. Thanks to their passion, dedication, and knowledge, libraries become not only places to borrow books but also community centers where author meetings, workshops, or discussions take place. It is librarians who create an atmosphere of friendliness and openness that makes you want to come back to them.

🎈📚💡 Today, on the occasion of the Day of Libraries and Librarians, let’s thank all library staff for their hard work, passion, and dedication! May our libraries always be places of inspiration and discovery of new worlds!

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We’ll gladly tell you more at the meeting!

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