Remote work, which has become widespread in recent years, is also an important element of ESG strategy, especially in the environmental area (E – Environmental).

During remote work, several actions can be taken to reduce negative environmental impact:

Energy and resource saving

● Turn off devices when not in use, and use energy-saving modes.

● Do not leave devices in standby mode.

● Reduce screen brightness.

● Boil the appropriate amount of water for one cup.

● Switch devices to low power mode or “sleep” them during breaks.

Limit paper consumption by opting for electronic documents. Choose energy-efficient electronic devices.

CO2 emissions reduction

● Choose products and services from suppliers who implement sustainable practices. Waste management

● Segregate waste and recycle it. Limit the use of disposable plastics.

By implementing these simple actions in our daily remote work, we can contribute significantly to achieving sustainable development goals in the environmental area.

Invest in eco-friendly office materials Transitioning to minimal paper consumption and a fully computerized system is a great step for the good of our planet.

However, if this is not feasible for your work, you can always look for recycled paper for your printer and notebooks that can be recycled.

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