Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting classes for postgraduate students in the “ESG Risk Management in Bank Practice” course, organized by the School of Banking in Sandomierz in cooperation with WSB Merito University in Wrocław.

During these classes, I introduced students to the realities of ESG, preparing them for the challenges this topic presents. The participants were highly engaged – actively participating in the sessions, asking questions, engaging in discussions, and taking part in practical workshops that helped them expand and solidify their knowledge.

As a certified expert in ESG and sustainable development with 20 years of experience working with manufacturing and service companies, public organizations, and non-profits, I strive to provide my students with real-world knowledge, largely based on practical experience. This way, the participants of my classes enter the world of ESG not only with a strong theoretical foundation but, more importantly, with practical skills.

I invite all organizations interested in implementing ESG principles and sustainable development to get in touch. Together, we can build a better future!

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