For another year in a row, I had the pleasure of conducting classes in the postgraduate studies program “Games and Gamification in Education” organized by Świętokrzyska School of Higher Education in Kielce.

My classes are based on real-life scenarios, both in the context of adult education and for children and youth. This provides students with invaluable practical knowledge that they can immediately apply in their professional work.

In my workshops, participants have the opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge but also to practically experiment with various gamification techniques and tools, creating gamification concepts on topics such as environmental education.

Through active and fully engaging exercises and discussions, students have the chance to use their creativity and share their own professional experiences, leading to a deeper understanding and assimilation of the material.

During the last classes, students under my guidance worked on a gamification concept specifically in the area of environmental education, which is now an extremely important topic in the context of contemporary environmental challenges. We developed many interesting ideas in this area.

I am grateful for the kind words I heard from students after the classes:

“Thank you very much for the inspiration!”

“Very interesting projects you showed today – thank you for the ideas.”

“Thank you, it was great for me.”

“Thank you very much, lots of useful information.”

“Thank you for the meeting and tons of inspiration.”

I sincerely thank Świętokrzyska School of Higher Education in Kielce for the invitation to conduct classes in such an inspiring field. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to share my knowledge and experience with future experts in the field of gamification in education.

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