On May 11, we celebrate the Day without Littering, a holiday aimed at drawing attention to the problem of increasing waste and the need for responsible segregation and recycling.

Every day, we witness growing environmental problems, such as air, water, and soil pollution, as well as the increasing amount of municipal and post-production waste. Although pro-environmental actions are being taken, there is still a need for greater awareness and social engagement to prevent an inevitable environmental catastrophe.

So what can we do?

Take simple actions, such as waste segregation, reducing the use of single-use plastic packaging, or responsible management of resources. Each of these actions has a real impact on the environment.

Alright, but how do we start?

If you are interested in waste segregation, we encourage you to visit the websites of local Waste Collection Points (PSZOK), where you can find out what waste you can dispose of and exactly where (sometimes PSZOK has several locations). If, on the other hand, it comes to daily segregation, the best place to find information is on the websites of cities or municipalities where you can learn about the containers available and their division in your city, district, or municipality.

Replacing single-use packaging should start with replacing plastic bags used for vegetables and fruits with reusable bags that you take from home. For meat or wet products (purchased by weight), you can bring your own container or jar. Most stores will not refuse to pack into your container. Another easy way is to bring your own shopping bags – even those plastic ones you’ve already bought – they are often quite strong and sufficient for many, many purchases.

We encourage everyone to actively participate in the Day without Littering celebrations. Together, we can do a lot to take care of our planet and leave it in a better condition for future generations.

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