Last weekend, I had the honor of conducting classes on the Carbon Footprint for a group of approximately 100 postgraduate students at SGGW, organized by invitation from Marcin Wysokiński. The meeting was not only educational but also inspiring!

The session mainly focused on understanding and analyzing the impact of economic activity on CO2 emissions and the possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint. During the classes, I discussed various aspects related to the carbon footprint, including the importance of measuring and monitoring CO2 emissions, identifying the main sources of emissions in various sectors of the economy, and strategies for reducing the carbon footprint. Practical examples were also used to calculate the carbon footprint.

But that’s not all! 🌟 Throughout the meeting, we engaged in an interactive discussion where students had the opportunity to exchange views and ask questions about the Carbon Footprint. I thank Marcin Wysokiński for the invitation and the participants for their involvement in this important discussion. I hope the knowledge gained will help them better understand and make informed decisions regarding carbon footprint reduction in their organizations.

And this is just the beginning! 💡 They were so interested in the topic that a decision was made during the meeting to organize another session to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Carbon Footprint. I can’t wait to continue this inspiring journey in the world of sustainable future!

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