April 12th is not only a day to celebrate our love for chocolate, but also a moment of reflection on the challenging reality of producing this delicious treat. While for many of us chocolate is a favorite dessert or snack, for millions of farmers in the Global South, it is a means of livelihood.

🍫 Cocoa cultivation is a primary source of income for millions of small-scale farmers, who often struggle with uncertain living conditions and low wages. Many people around the world live on less than $1.25 a day.

🌍 The chocolate market is dominated by a few large corporations, which often unfairly distribute profits. As a result, farmers receive only a small percentage of the profits, while cocoa bean prices decrease.

💔 This not only leads to economic problems but also social and environmental ones. Many cocoa farms use child labor, leading to further social tragedies.

How can we change this situation? Consumer awareness is key. By choosing products from responsible, fair sources, we can support farmers and advocate for fairer trade.

Choosing chocolate with Fair Trade certification is a valuable alternative. However, the share of Fairtrade chocolate in the global market remains small.

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