Anna Jankowiak, Lecturer at Postgraduate Studies at the “Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania

We are excited to announce that Anna Jankowiak, the leader of ESG ASSURED, has been appointed as a lecturer in postgraduate studies at another university – the Higher School of Computer Science and Management, specializing in “ESG Manager.” 🎉 We thank @Centrum Studiów Podyplomowych WSIiZ for the invitation! 💼

Anna Jankowiak, the founder of ESG ASSURED and a certified ESG expert, is also the creator of mobile applications supporting ESG and decarbonization in organizations, as well as applications bringing together the ESG community in Poland and other countries. 📱 Her main areas of expertise include CBAM, carbon footprint, materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement, ESG strategy, ESG reporting, decarbonization and offsetting, including engaging employees, clients, and suppliers in decarbonization efforts. 💡

With over 20 years of professional experience, Anna is a trainer and mentor specializing in ESG since 2016. She has lectured in postgraduate ESG studies at several universities and in postgraduate studies in gamification, as well as being a speaker at Polish and international ESG events. 🎓 She also has extensive experience as a Senior Manager collaborating with manufacturing and service companies, as well as public and non-profit organizations, including General Electric, Bosch, Duni, Jysk, Cetes Cosmetics (Oriflame brand), Philip Morris, and PGE. 💼

We invite you to meet Anna Jankowiak in the “ESG Manager” studies and to share knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable development! 🌱

We will be happy to tell you more during the meeting!

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